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Foot & Ankle

Step 1:

Hold the patch over the outside of your ankle.

Step 2:

After 3-4 minutes, move your foot or put pressure on your heel to find the source of your discomfort.

Step 3:

After 3-4 minutes, you may notice that your discomfort has moved. Continue to follow it with the patch.

Step 4:

For foot discomfort, slowly move the patch down your foot and then back up toward your ankle and lower leg.

Step 5:

For ankle discomfort, slowly move the patch around your entire ankle, eventually working your way up your lower leg.

Step 6:

Do a full range of motion to check. (Don’t just fix it until it’s “good enough”. Continue using the patch until the tension / discomfort is completely gone.)

Step 7:

If you feel discomfort returning, immediately put the patch back on the source and you should feel relief within 1-2 minutes.


Never leave the patch in the bottom of your shoe. This can quickly wear out the patch and potentially damage it.